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Choosing to invest in an apartment or a house can be one of the smartest decisions a homeowner can make. People are always going to need a place to live and it naturally follows that for every rental property there is also a landlord ensuring that everything is running smoothly and that tenant questions and concerns are answered satisfactorily. While this does sound straightforward potential investors can be put off purchasing property for this purpose thanks to the hard work and regular upkeep required to keep the property up to code. Coupled with other factors such as vetting tenants and what may have started as a little side earner can quickly consume those unprepared.

At Dingle Partners we understand the complexities of property management and one of the specialised services we conduct is comprehensive management of your property with a personal touch. Our team of agents will take care of the daily running of your property while you earn from your tenants and create a nice nest egg for the future. Thanks to the decades of combined experience possessed by our agents we have learned (and enacted) the most effective method for property management. The following property management services offered by Dingle Partners stand us apart from other agencies in the industry as they have been developed and improved over time. Some of the key points from our guide to effective property management include:

  • Strict and thorough vetting of potential tenants

While you may view yourself as a good judge of character a bad tenant may be able to fool you into thinking they are an upstanding citizen. Thanks to our decades of practical experience we have encountered every type of tenant out there. Our agents are well aware of the warning signs and tells that give these people away and know how to avoid accepting them.

  • The regular collection of rent

If a tenant is behind in their rent and you are forced to collect they may dig in their heels and get confrontational until the intervention of the authorities, creating stress and escalating the situation far beyond what it needs to be. At Dingle Partners we have set collection dates for all properties we are managing and can act as a voice of authority to ensure that you get the money that you are owed on the chosen date every month. We also act as your mouthpiece and as a conduit between the tenant and yourself, effectively communicating concerns and desires for both parties.

  • Conducting inspections of the property and maintenance as required

Damage to property can be easy to obscure. Moving a bookcase or a couch can hide discolouration or stains and leave the landlord none the wiser to any oddities. By selecting our skilled and knowledgeable agents to conduct inspections you are securing out eagle eyes to rake over every square inch of your property, scrutinising every mark and scrape and taking stock of any maintenance issue should it arise.

While this article only covered three points our agents go through countless more on a daily basis for countless clients. We tirelessly work to ensure that our team provide you with the best property management services in not just Melbourne, but the world. To talk to a member of the Dingle Partners team about managing your property call: 03 9614 6688.

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