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Besides buying an apartment or unit, the team at Dingle Partners understands that selling a place can be just as nerve-wracking: the pressure of securing the desired return-on-investment, saying goodbye to an established presence in your life, and organising the move itself can all invade your thoughts with insecurities and second guesses about your established plan. While it can be healthy to have a certain amount of concern about these things it is more helpful to focus your energies on things that require your attention such as: preparing your apartment for public inspection.

While preparing your apartment/unit for inspection may not sound too difficult it can in fact be more challenging than doing your regular clean; people inspecting a property to buy will be on the lookout for any features or blemishes that detract from the overall vibe of the property. The methods you use to ensure your place is ready for inspection can make the difference between someone buying your property, or passing and buying another. Thanks to our decades of experience preparing properties for inspection we at Dingle Partners have put together a short list of helpful hints for homeowners preparing their property for inspection:

  • Do Not Over Dress your home or apartment/unit

You are no doubt aware of some of the clichéd touches that homeowners add when showcasing their property (water and petals in the bathtub along with candles, the smell of biscuits baking for a delicious aroma etc.) try to avoid these as much as possible. Not only do they distract the potential buyer from the features of your property, but they come across as being desperate to impress and pretentious; let the property do the talking itself. Add little touches here and there that are more subtle (tea towels on racks, shampoo bottles in the shower) to add extra life to your home without being invasive.

  • Indoors and Outdoors

While the majority of the attention is going to be focused on your apartment/units interior this does not mean you can neglect the outside spaces. Ensure that lawns are freshly mowed (to create the cut-grass aroma) and edged and that all plants are cut back and pruned. Do a thorough sweep and make the space look as visually pleasant as possible. Don’t feel compelled to add a water feature unless you already have one.

  • Leave No Stone Unturned

Simply put: check your drawers and cupboards. Odds are you will still be living in your Apartment when the inspection is under way and the last thing you would want is some stranger going through your drawers and finding your undergarments, jewellery, or electronic devices. Ensure that they are stored away for the duration of the inspection to prevent theft or personal embarrassment. Check to make sure that all cupboards and drawers are stocked accordingly and are not too full.

By following this brief guide you will gain an understanding of just what is required to successfully present your apartment/unit in the best possible light. If you want more information about what you should be doing to present your property contact Dingle Partners today on 03 9614 6688.

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