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Besides buying an apartment or unit, the team at Dingle Partners understands that selling a place can be just as nerve-wracking: the pressure of securing the desired return-on-investment, saying goodbye to an established presence in your life, and organising the move itself can all invade your thoughts with insecurities and second guesses about your established plan. While it can be healthy to have a certain amount of concern about these things it is more helpful to focus your energies on things that require your attention such as: preparing your apartment for public inspection.

While preparing your apartment/unit for inspection may not sound too difficult it can in fact be more challenging than doing your regular clean; people inspecting a property to buy will be on the lookout for any features or blemishes that detract from the overall vibe of the property. The methods you use to ensure your place is ready for inspection can make the difference between someone buying your property, or passing and buying another. Thanks to our decades of experience preparing properties for inspection we at Dingle Partners have put together a short list of helpful hints for homeowners preparing their Read more »

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Choosing to invest in an apartment or a house can be one of the smartest decisions a homeowner can make. People are always going to need a place to live and it naturally follows that for every rental property there is also a landlord ensuring that everything is running smoothly and that tenant questions and concerns are answered satisfactorily. While this does sound straightforward potential investors can be put off purchasing property for this purpose thanks to the hard work and regular upkeep required to keep the property up Read more »