Luxury Real Estate







Dingle Partners is proud to be a member of the Board of Regents and past winner of Luxury Real Estate Award.


Dingle Partners in 2015 received the award for 'Best Video Marketing' at the International Luxury Real Estate Awards in Seattle, Washington. Further to this award, Dingle Partners achieved the  'Most Viewed' property during the 2014/2015 financial year on, Australia’s largest property portal.




The Board of Regents is an exclusive network of the world’s most elite luxury real estate professionals with an array of powerful, exclusive marketing tools and solutions enabling them to showcase their properties to targeted, elite buyers worldwide. An example of this is the award-winning website,, the leading portal for global luxury properties since its launch in 1995.


Each member of the Board of Regents exclusively represents a defined territory and has been selected based on their leadership and longstanding success in the real estate industry. Through this association, Dingle Partners has a unique opportunity to connect with other premier real estate professionals around the world in a collaborative environment, one in which we can further increase the global reach and more effectively showcase our luxury properties and expertise on an international scale.